Sector Wide Approach to Strengthening Health ( SWASTH )

Bihar Technical Assistance Support Team (BTAST)
Government of Bihar initiative supported by Department for International Development, UK


Rogi Kalyan Samiti

The overall objective of the Assessment in 28 districts of Bihar was to undertake a review of RKS, in terms of its operational processes, funding structure and best practices.

The National Rural Health Mission (NRHM), which is now a sub-mission under the National Health Mission, aims to improve public health and healthcare standards in rural India through strong institutional and community intervention in a decentralised ecosystem. As part of restructuring in line with the Indian Public Health Standards (IPHS), the Rogi Kalyan Samitis (RKS)/Hospital Management Committees were set up at medical facilities in Bihar in 2006, to bring community control into the management of public hospitals. 
According to a 2014 report by Bihar Technical Assistance Support Team (BTAST), although most health facilities in Bihar now have an RKS, they have faced a number of challenges and issues acting as deadlocks, which have affected their smooth functioning. The report focused on operational processes, funding structures and best practices at RKS centres across 28 districts of Bihar. BTAST has worked with the Government of Bihar at the public health facility level through quality assurance consultants, who have provided regular inputs for continuous quality improvements. 
This has included interactions with RKS members, and other activities to strengthen services. A follow up to the 2014 study was therefore designed to understand the current levels of RKS functioning and areas where they needed support.